About me in 10 seconds
Hi! I'm Bori, an enthusiastic software developer who is also highly interested in digital arts.

My mission is to empower engineers not to give up their artistic side, to see that there is always an opportunity to combine their interests and build a thriving career doing what they love.

Follow my journey as I create a life where I can fulfill myself both as an engineer and an artist at the same time.
2019 Graduated from Hungary's best high school with an award for excellent academic results and exemplary human behavior
2019 Started my degree in Computer Engineering BSc at Budapest University of Technology
2022 spring Spent an exchange semester in Lisbon, Portugal at NOVA University
2022 august Started my software developer career at Prezi
I'm proud of
I take great pride in the multitude of interests that enrich my life, and I have always managed to integrate them into my daily routine. From drawing and dancing to fencing, taekwondo, video making, contemplating life's profound questions, nurturing friendships, language learning, and engaging in extensive questioning and attentive listening.

I find joy in pursuing these diverse passions, they bring many new aspects, which can spice up my life as a software developer with new and surprising turns.
Find me online
You can find me on LinkedIn, Instagram or YouTube.
Feel free to write me an email: roza.borbala@gmail.com